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Cosmetic Injections

Looking 7 years younger?
I won’t tell if you don’t tell!
Botox is the easiest way to get rid off those unwanted lines that give your age away. My aim is to restore your natural beauty with a conservative approach. I insist on a free follow-up, top-up, 10 days after your consultation to make 100% sure that we both are happy with the result.

 Dermapen is used to prick the skin thousands of times over to create micro trauma, which sends the body into overdrive producing collagen and elastin – basically your BFF in the fight against ageing!

I use a specially mixed cream to numb your skin before the treatment and rub in  Hyaluronic acid serum afterwards.

This treatment is ideal for face, neck and hand rejuvenation, targeting pigmentation and enlarged pores.

You can choose your depth: 

More superficial for younger/sensitive  skin and the Vampire (there will be pinpoints of blood) for the mature skin.

Best to do this on a Friday-your face might be red for 2 days, the result lasts 8 to 12 weeks.

Do people ask you whether you are tired?

Dermal fillers will rejuvenate, lift and enhance your look by replacing lost volume due to ageing.
Fillers can be used to decrease the dark rings under your eyes, enhance your cheekbones for a fresh look, as well as smooth out your jaw line. It lasts 12 to 18 months whilst stimulating your own collagen production.
I use the best quality fillers available, which can be reversed if needed.

Weight Control

Losing weight is a life long struggle. Every patient's body is different- one approach will not fit every one. Changing your life style without starving or eating bland food is a challenge that needs to be overcome. I marry the blood group diet with different medical interventions. Excluding medical reasons for not being able to loose weight is important too!

Dr Desere Ferreira