DOCTYPE html> The ADHD brain is like a racing car engine. With bicycle brakes.. – Dr Desere Ferreira
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The ADHD brain is like a racing car engine. With bicycle brakes..

ADHD in children is usually diagnosed by a doctor after a child has shown six or more specific symptoms of inattention or hyperactivity on a regular basis for more than 6 months in at least two setting. This is a diagnosis that takes several steps to get enough information from you, your child, the teacher and a psychologist that specializes in educational assessments.
The diagnosis can be made from the age of 5 and can be classified as:15%: Hyperactive/impulsive type. They fidget, blurts answers, can’t wait their turn, interrupt others, can’t stay seated and are very noisy and talkative. Their excessive climbing causes multiple injuries, but for the most part they can pay attention.
23-30%: Inattentive type. Formerly called attention deficit disorder (ADD). These children are not overly active. They lose items, don’t listen, don’t finish tasks, and are unorganized and easily distracted. They cannot work alone, loves watching television, might be anxious and are often female.50-75%: Combined type (inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive).Kids treated with both ADHD drugs and behavioral therapies have better social skills.

Drugs for Childhood ADHD

Stimulants e.g. Ritalin and Concerta, are highly effective treatment for childhood ADHD and help children focus their thoughts and ignore distractions. It is not the preferred drug for introverted children and may cause abdominal pain, lack of appetite and insomnia.
Non stimulants e.g. Strattera works better for the introverted child and assists with anxiety. It takes up to 6 weeks to work and is best started during holidays. We often use these in combination-every child is different!

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